LNDL’s 50th Year in Review!

LNDL’s 50th anniversary set the stage for a year of special events highlighting achievements of the joint Loyola University Maryland and Notre Dame of Maryland University library, including the 50th Anniversary Celebration, the 50th Anniversary Exhibition, and the Library’s inaugural Fall Fest. Read more about LNDL’s pivotal year below!   

50th Anniversary Celebration – March 30, 2023  

Paper flowers made from book pages dispalyed alongside a library due date card craft table at the 50th anniversary celebration
Centerpieces and crafts from the 50th Anniversary Celebration

The Loyola Notre Dame Library celebrated its 50th anniversary on March 30, 2023. Poet and author Lia Purpura spoke in her keynote address about her deep appreciation of libraries and gave event attendees an intimate view of LNDL – a place she frequented during her over 20 years of teaching at Loyola. Students, faculty, staff, and community patrons were encouraged to view the physical exhibit in the 50th Anniversary Exhibition in the Ferguson Gallery, as well as an online timeline of the library’s history.  

The Library's board president, director, and Lia Purpura
Stuart Smith III, 2011-June 2023 President of the LNDL Board of Trustees; Katy O’Neill, Director of LNDL; and author Lia Purpura

50th Anniversary Exhibition 

The 50th Anniversary Exhibit broadly told the story of the Loyola Notre Dame Library and its impact on students and both campus communities. It explained the reasoning behind the creation of the joint library including the histories of libraries at both Loyola and Notre Dame, the creation of the LNDL library and its impact in the 1970s, its impact on the staff and students over the years including various student groups and events, the various renovations, and its current iteration.  

Fall Fest – September 27, 2023  

LNDL launched a new annual event, Fall Fest, to welcome students and staff back to campus for the academic year and to create a space for Loyola and Notre Dame students to meet one another and explore a variety of art and educational activities. Fall Fest was the largest attended event in LNDL’s history, with an estimated 350-400 attendees! From raffle prizes and Raising Cane’s chicken to tie-dying and gaming stations, Fall Fest had something for everyone.  

Students gathered around a table tie dyeing tshirts
Approximately 135 students created tie-dye shirts.
Students holding plants they potted at Fall Fest
More than 75 students potted plants to take home at the Sustainability Station, which promoted our Spotlight Series: Sustainability & Social Justice  

Happy Holidays from LNDL!  

As LNDL wraps up this landmark year, we look forward to continuing to offer and expand upon programs and services grounded in the Library’s values of diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility in 2024. Wishing everyone a happy holiday season and all the best in the new year!  

LNDL holiday card with photos of LNDL, reading 'wishing you a season filled with cherished memories and new possibilities from your friends at the Loyola Notre Dame Library'