Fall 2023 Stressbusters at LNDL


Coffee and Cookies

12/11, 1-4 pm, LNDL Gallery 
Free coffee and cookies from the library! 

Zine Making Night

12/11, 5-6:30 pm, LNDL IDEA Space 
This workshop, led by Access Services Librarian Mallory Walker, will take participants through the origin of zines and zine culture and teach the basics of zine creation. Register here: https://lndl.libcal.com/calendar/library/zinenight  

Do Your Best: The Calm Before the Test 

Instructor: Marie Allee, Ph.D., Director of College Counseling at NDMU 
12/12, 5 pm – 5:30 pm, online via Zoom 
Join the NDMU Counseling Center for a calming session of mindfulness that will help you relax, focus, remember the information you are studying, and perform at your best on your finals! Register here: https://lndl.libcal.com/calendar/library/doyourbest  

The Karson Study Kram Session

12/12-12/13, 8 am – 2 am, LNDL 
Concluding the Karson Institute’s Twelve Days of Karson, the Karson Study Kram Session will feature events every two hours for Notre Dame and Loyola Students at the Loyola Notre Dame Library, including yoga, Cane’s chicken, ice cream, midnight waffles, and more! For a full overview of the day’s events, click here: Upcoming Events – The Karson Institute for Race, Peace & Social Justice – Loyola University Maryland  


12/13, 5-7 pm, LNDL IDEA Space and Lab B 
Make a stuffed animal and decorate with accessories! Each participant receives 1 stuffed animal to create and decorate. Registration required and limited to Loyola University Maryland and Notre Dame of Maryland University students. Register here: https://lndl.libcal.com/calendar/library/createacritter  

Behind the Waterfall: Managing Academic Stress, Anxiety, and Uncertainty

Instructor: Ryan Sappington, Ph.D., Staff Psychologist, Coordinator of Public Health & Student-Athlete Mental Health Services 

12/13, 12-12:45 pm, online via Zoom 

Undergraduate and graduate students from both LUM and NDMU are invited to attend a 45-min. workshop facilitated by Dr. Ryan Sappington, staff psychologist in the Loyola Counseling Center. The workshop will introduce several mindfulness-based strategies for managing academic stress, anxiety, and uncertainty during (and beyond) final exams. Register here: https://lndl.libcal.com/calendar/library/behindthewaterfall  


12/14, 4-6 pm, LNDL IDEA Space   
Drop-in crafting area where you can unwind and take a break from finals! 

Zen Joy Tea & Study Snacks

12/14, 6-9 pm, LNDL Gallery 

Free ZenJoy tea sampling, study snacks, and coloring available from Parkhurst!  

Peace Meadow Nature Walk 

Lead: Michelle Williams 
12/15, 1:30-2 pm 
Take a walk through the Peace Meadow on campus and learn about native plant species and wildlife with Michelle Williams, LNDL’s Access Services Operations Supervisor. Michelle is a committed environmental steward and a certified Weed Warrior with Baltimore City. Register here: https://lndl.libcal.com/calendar/library/peacemeadowwalk  

Ongoing activities 12/11-12/21 

Zine Zone 

Collage materials will be available to create zines or collages onsite at the library.   

Craft, games, activities table  

The first floor of the library will feature crafts and activities such as origami kits, Lego kits, Magna-Tiles, Jenga, crossword puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, and more.   

Video game station 

A video game station will be set up on the first floor of the library.  

Snack station  

LNDL Help Desk  
Tea, fruit, granola bars, and candy will be available near the Help Desk