Viz Wall Exhibits

The Black History Month exhibit on the Viz Wall

This year, the Library is proud to share a new exhibit platform with our patrons—the Viz Wall! Last year, the Viz Wall occasionally displayed informational digital signage. This year, it displays seasonal, interactive virtual exhibits! These exhibits allow viewers to use the Viz Wall’s touch screens to navigate through information and media that pertains to a relevant issue or topic. The first four Viz Wall exhibits focus on months or weeks with a national or university-wide focus.

The first exhibit was displayed during Fall welcome week, and featured information about resources students could take advantage of both on and off campus, as well as information about both campus’ common reads.

The second exhibit was displayed during Banned Books Week, and featured interactive trivia quizzes, information about famous and frequently banned books, and more.

This month, check out the Black History Month virtual exhibit in the IDEASpace. This Viz Wall exhibit contains information about major figures in Black history and the Civil Rights movement, relevant books available for checkout, local events and learning opportunities, and Black history at both Loyola and Notre Dame.

Stay tuned in March for our upcoming Women’s History Month exhibit!