Stress Relief for Students at LNDL

A pop-up waffle bar, a free yoga class, and a video game station were some of the Library’s new Stressbusters initiatives this past spring to help students cope with stress during final exams. The new programming and resources offered Loyola and Notre Dame students fun activities and rejuvenating snacks that promoted mindfulness and allowed them to take a moment to relax from studying.

Here are our Top 5 New Stressbuster activities from 2019.

Pop-Up Waffle Bar 

In partnership with Loyola’s Dinning Services, the Library offered a pop-up waffle bar with toppings such as fresh berries and syrup during final exams. Students, staff, and faculty treated themselves to waffles, coffee, cookies, and other snacks. According to Beedhya Rai, a junior at Notre Dame, “The waffle bar was fun and convenient because most other food places were closed or too far.”

Get your game on! 

This spring, the Library presented a retro Super Nintendo Classic system for students to play. This video game console includes 20 pre-installed NES games including Donkey Kong, Super Mario World, and The Legend of Zelda. Two retro controllers allowed for competitions, tournaments, and/or partnerships.

Librarian playing video games.
Technology Librarian Matthew Trekson “testing” the video game system.

Tea Time – Zen Station 

This past year, the Library set up a tea and snack station across from the Help Desk. Notre Dame junior Saba Rehman praised the tea offered, as it helped her “stay motivated and awake”. Help desk staff worked around the clock (literally, since we’re open 24/7 during finals!) to replenish granola bars, fruit, tea, and other snacks.

Get Creative: Legos, Jigsaw puzzles, and Crafts 

People who wanted to take a break from their screens were able to build fantastic structures with Legos, work on a giant jigsaw puzzle, and create graduation cards for friends with a wide array of crafting supplies.


Mind, Spirit… and Muffins! Free Yoga Class & Brunch 

On May 5, 2019, we launched our first yoga class at the Library. Loyola student and certified yoga instructor, Julia Cataneo, provided students and faculty with a chance to connect with their inner selves. Participants enjoyed a healthy brunch after the yoga class with berries, yogurt, muffins, and coffee.

Library shelf with display of yoga mat, sign, coffee, and strawberries.