"Articles on various aspects of German-American culture in Maryland and beyond."

Vol.6 Year: 1981-1892  
Article Author Pages
Report of the Secretary F. PH. Henninghausen 3-7
Report Of The Treasurer R.M. Rother 8
List of Members and Officers   9-10
Early German Settlements in Western Maryland. F. PH. Henninghausen 1-26
Die ersten deutschen Sekten in

F. PH. Henninghausen 27-40
German-American Families
In Maryland.

C. F. Raddatz. 41-50
Die Anfänge der deutschen Kultur
in Amerika.

Dr. M. D. Learned 51-74
Baltimores Deutsch - Amerikaner in
Handel und Industrie.

E. F. Leyh. 75-86
In Memoriam.   87-92
Index   97-101