"Articles on various aspects of German-American culture in Maryland and beyond."

Vol. 32 Year: 1966  
Article Author Pages
Members And Officers   4
The Report   7
William Kurrelmeyer 1874-1957 A Tribute By Dr. Taylor S Tarck 9
A Century Of Sealsfield Scholarship Adolf E. Schroeder 13
The English And German Printing Office: Bilingual Printers In
Maryland And Virginia

Klaus G. Wust 24
Joseph Funk'S "Allgemein Nützliche Choral-Music" (1816) Harry Eskew 38
Charles Frederick Wiesenthal (1726-1789) William T. Snyder 47
Notes And Documents:
Items On Maryland In Early Pennsylvania-German

Last Will Of Germantown Printer Christopher Sower   61
Salzburger Letterbooks Of Henry Newman   64
Necrology   66