"Articles on various aspects of German-American culture in Maryland and beyond."

Vol. 28 Year: 1953  
Article Author Pages
Front Matter and Editors Note A. E. Zucker 1-5
.National Hymn John D. M. Brown
Charter And By-Laws
Adopted January 19, 1886
Revised April 18, 1893 and February 27, 1950
The Society For The History Of The Germans
In Maryland: A Chronicle

Ernest J. Becker 9-20
German-American Historical Societies: Their
Achievements And Limitations

Albert B. Faust 21-28
The German Americans: Immigration
And Integration

Dieter Cunz 20-43
Eighteenth Century Maryland Through The
Eyes Of German Travelers

Paul G. Gleis 44-53
German Printing In Virginia
A Check List, 1789-1834

Klaus G. Wust 54-66
A Baltimore Pioneer In Proprietary Medicine Therese S. Westermeier 67-71
Frostburg 1882: German Strikers Vs. German

Richard Lowitt 72-79
Baltimore 1861: We Want Rapp
A Letter, Translated And Edited By Alice H. Finckh

Alice H. Finckh 79-82
Genealogical Notes On Charles Frederick

Dieter Cunz 82-85
In Memoriam   86-92
Our Contributors   93
The Forty-Eighters
Political Refugees of the German Revolution of 1848

A. E. Zucker 95-97