"Articles on various aspects of German-American culture in Maryland and beyond."

Vol. 15 Year: 1900-1901  
Article Author Pages
Report of the Secretary F. PH. Henninghausen 3
Annual Report Of The Treasurer. R.M. Rother 6
List of Members and Officers   7-9
The German Element In Maryland
Up To The Year 1700

Rev. J. A. Weishaar. 11-34
Abraham Lincoln Or Linkhorn.
An Argument, Read By L. P. Hennighausen At The Yearly
Meeting Of The Society In 1901

F. PH. Henninghausen 35-42
Rev. Benjamin Sadtler.
Died April 28, 1901

F. PH. Henninghausen 43-52
Supplementary List of Books In Our Library.1901.