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Writing with, for, and through the Club

Collected Poems, Virginia Woodward CloudThe Woman's Literary Club of Baltmore produced thousands--and thousands-- of pages of writings. In their Club documents alone, they filled over a dozen notebooks, each containing 200-300 pages, of minutes detailing the activities and discussion of each meating. In addition, they shared essays, poetry, fiction, translations, and tributes to writers from the Club, from Baltimore, from Maryland, and from around the world. Many of them were published authors, as well.

The women in the club published novels, collections of poetry, as well as short stories and poems published in popular (and not so popular) magazines of the day. Some published—and performed in— plays. Others wrote and sang songs. Still others wrote histories, philosophical and religious tracts, and literary criticism.

This section of the site provides access to a wide range of their writings.