Bowie, Virginia Berkley

Caption: Virginia Bowie in 1906. Baltimore Sun photo.

Virginia Bowie was born in Baltimore in 1880. She attended the Bard-Avon School of Expression and became well known in society for her participation in the arts. Serving as Secretary and Treasurer, Bowie worked for Stagecraft Studios in Baltimore. She also served as historian of the Baltimore chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution.

A member of the Woman’s Literary Club of Baltimore from 1909 until at least 1920, she served on the Committees of Unfamiliar Records, Colonial and Revolutionary History, and Foreign Languages. She wrote many essays and short stories and translated numerous plays and texts from Italian and French, reading some at club meetings. Bowie married Major Frederick Schoenfeld in 1928; she died in Maryland in 1976.


Schoenfeld, Frederick

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